Our Product

For Home Owners

Currently, energy assets such as Rooftop Solar Installations, Electric Vehicles or Residential Energy Storage systems do not achieve their full potential. TREX addresses this problem and empowers you to invest into your own (and your neighbourhood’s) sustainable energy future!

TREX EnergyAssistant™ is our AI-equipped energy monitoring and management device

TREX equipped homes within a neighbourhood automagically form a TREX Community™

TREX AI coordinates energy resources within TREX Community™, reducing bills and maximizing ROI


Master your energy footprint with TREX EnergyAssistant™. Monitor your energy usage, sources and asset performance on demand and connect to a TREX Community™.

More money in your wallet through TREX Community™. Peer-to-peer, automated and optimized local energy exchanges result in lower energy bills for consumers and higher ROI for owners of energy assets.

How does it work?

The AI embedded TREX EnergyAssistant™ automates your energy trading and management with the TREX Community™. This maximizes your benefits without having to worry about micromanagement.

The TREX Community™ keeps energy where it matters: in your community. Whether you or your neighbours decide to invest in sustainable energy devices, TREX automagically makes the best use of them to increase both the environmental and financial benefits beyond net-metering.

T-Rex Community Demonstration

By Day (without TREX)

Without TREX, existing solar assets offset your own energy consumption during the day. Excess electricity is sold to the grid for a marginal compensation.

By Day (with TREX)

In a TREX Community™, excess solar energy can be directly sold to other members of the community to be consumed or stored for later use.

T-Rex Community Demonstration

By Night (without TREX)

When the sun goes down, electricity only comes from the grid. This can get expensive during peaks.

By Night (with TREX)

If a member of aTREX Community™ stores energy during the day, you have access to cheaper, locally generated energy later.