NextAI: Skill Boosting, Networking, and Scrumptious Suppers!

Behind every ambitious startup is a foundation of determination and growth. As engineer founders, we are acutely aware of the need to refine our skills in business management, sales, and beyond. 

On the commendation of our mentors, we applied for the NextAI 2023 cohort (, a pan-Canadian, world-class founder and venture development acceleration network for AI-enabled startups. 

So it came, that on March 12th, we found ourselves boarding a plane en route to Montreal on short notice for NextAi’s kickoff. Montreal, known for its rich culture, did not disappoint! After almost drowning in an intense marathon of networking, introductions, and overall stimulus overload we stumbled into the probably best dinner of our lives at Mama Khan’s, 4135 Saint-Denis!

During our 6 month tenure at NextAI, we expanded our knowledge and understanding through profound, well-prepared lessons from world-class experts and industry leaders in business and machine learning. We covered startup business, product development, engineering management and so much more on the business side. We refreshed our traditional Machine Learning skills and learned the intricacies of modern LLM design. We established invaluable connections, extending our network to Montreal’s Mila and Toronto’s Vector Institute. During this, we cultivated an ongoing relationship with several mentors and our adept Venture Manager. All the input truly made the time fly.

As suddenly as it started, 6 months were gone! On 14th September 2023, the cohort gathered for a heartfelt wrap-up in Montreal. Our gratitude is boundless for every individual and experience that has enriched this journey and helped us grow as a venture, and as founders!


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