Research & Development

TREX is the result of continuous innovation at the intersection of energy systems and artificial intelligence.

Our team is actively researching and developing simulation systems for energy markets, deep learning and predictive systems as well as reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems.

Our Publications

ALEX Journal Paper

Journal paper investigating the required market properties for our autonomous local energy exchange, ALEX.

TREX Whitepaper

Details the software structure of our TREX simulation framework.

Forecaster S2S Paper

An early prototype investigating suitable neural network architectures for TREX.

TREX Educational Comic

A fun poster about what we do

Epcor Study

An in-depth investigation on the effects of distributed energy resources on a distribution system

Our Repositories

Here are links to our open sourced projects. Feel free to star them if you want to stay up to date on what happens in the trenches.

TREX simulation framework

More coming soon…