Unleashing The True Potential Of Distributed Energy Resources

So, what is a TREX?

TREX empowers everyone to contribute to building a smart, scalable, and sustainable electricity distribution system in a profitable way!

By allowing cutting edge AI to interact over a localized market, TREX achieves autonomous, real-time coordination of energy resources.

Reduced electricity costs for community members​

A more stable electricity system from the ground up

Higher return of investment of existing energy assets

Additional business cases for energy assets such as battery storage

Our Product

For Grid Services

A TREX Community™ lowers local voltage fluctuations and reduces infrastructure strain, while promoting the installation of a high amount of DER. Infrastructure stakeholders can further benefit from an extensive, highly synergized TREX EngineeringSuite™

TREX EngineeringSuite™

TREX Insights™: high density metadata from within a TREX Community™ for informed planning and decision making

TREX Designer™: a digital twin of any electrical system to assess, develop and design via rapid iteration

TREX Shadow™: validate on real systems without risk and seamlessly switch to live deployment with confidence

More in development…

Our Product

For Home Owners

Currently, energy assets such as rooftop solar installations, electric vehicles or residential energy storage systems do not achieve their full potential. TREX addresses this problem and empowers you to invest into your own (and your neighbourhood’s) sustainable energy future!

TREX EnergyAssistant™ is our AI-equipped energy monitoring and management device

TREX equipped homes within a neighbourhood automagically form a TREX Community™

TREX AI coordinates energy resources within TREX Community™, reducing bills and maximizing ROI


Support a growing Startup

A startup in its infancy, TREX is fueled by the vision of its three graduate student founders. At some point TREX needs to be also powered by other resources to allow for further development and the ability to scale.

If TREX’s promise is appealing to you for business related or purely personal reasons and you would like to support us in any way then please feel free to reach out to us through or through any of our other communication channels.