TREX-Ai: Charting New Frontiers with Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur Grant

TREX-Ai has reached a significant milestone by securing a $180,000 Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur grant. This grant will directly support our research initiatives, enhancing the core technology that powers ALEX. As our founders advance through their graduate studies, this research is not only academic in nature but also fundamental to TREX-Ai’s success.

With an eye on publishing our findings, TREX-Ai is set to solidify its status as an expert in the field. This year of development, underpinned by academic collaboration, will be instrumental in bringing ALEX to the forefront of AI technology.

We’re grateful to Mitacs for their support.  This grant represents both an investment in innovation and trust in TREX-Ai’s potential to redefine industry standards.

Stay tuned as we venture into a transformative year of growth and innovation.


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